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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Felt Valentine Envelopes

I've seen a few version of felt envelopes floating around blogland so I thought I'd try to make my own. Jocelyn's preschool group was at our home today just in time for Valentine's Day. I made these felt envelopes for each girl  (there are only 4) in about 1 1/2 hours. Complete with their name and a stamp! These are a simple, inexpensive way to show your love. And they last a while and can be used again each year, or throughout the year!

Felt Valentine Envelope 

Here is a simple tutorial for you so you can make your own! Actually, this makes two envelopes!

First gather your materials. For TWO envelopes you'll need:
*1--9"x12" piece of felt
*1--9"x12" coordinating piece of cotton fabric
*1--9"x12" piece of fusible adhesive (double sided)
*6--2"x2" pieces of felt, of another color
*2--2"x2" piece of same coordinating fabric
* 2 1" piece of strong velcro
*pinking shears

Start by cutting out your materials. Because of the size of felt, you can make two envelopes. You can either just purchase a 9"x12" piece of felt or cut it from a bigger piece. Cut the fusible adhesive and cotton according to same size. If you need help purchasing fusible adhesive check out this blog for help in differentiating. Most helpful!

Cut 4 pieces of felt, and two pieces of  fusible adhesive, all 2"x2" pieces

Cut 2 pieces of felt, 2 pieces of cotton, 2 pieces of fusible adhesive, all 2"x2" pieces. (the fusible adhesive is already adhered to the felt, so not shown). 

Let's make the heart closure for the back of the envelope. Iron fusible adhesive to one side of  the first piece of felt, according to directions on package. Peel paper backing off. Set aside. Then hold the 2nd piece on top of the 1st and cut a heart out. (not pictured) I just eye balled it. If you'd like, or are not a very good heart cutter (I did cut a few wonky ones that had to be thrown out), use a stencil or draw a heart on the felt with a pen (you'll cut around it anyway). Repeat for the second felt clasp for second envelope. 

Once the hearts are cut out, sew the hook side (the female, or fuzzy side) of the velcro onto the first piece of felt to the opposite side with the fusible webbing (so not the side with the fusing). Sew velcro onto heart, on all four sides of velrco, be sure to backstich well at each end. 

For the second heart, or the stamp, you'll need to fuse the fabric to the cotton, just like the previous step. So it'll be three layers--felt--fusible adhesive--cotton. Then cut  into a heart. Repeat with the for second envelopes stamp. 

Now move onto the envelope. Fuse the felt and fabric together. It'll look like this. 

Cut this piece, using pinking shears, into two pieces. Lay the piece down, lengthwise. Cut at the 6" mark. So each piece should end up 6" x 9". I then cut around each piece so it's pinked all around. 

Now take the first heart, with the velcro adhered. Sew it onto one of short ends, on the right side of the envelope (or the felted side). Just center it, and sew it so the velcro piece is left peeking above the flap. Pin.

 It should look like this when finished. 

 This is the right side of the envelope with the heart closure.

Next  sew on the stamp. First I fold the envelope to get an idea of where to place it. Fold up from the bottom, 3". Then fold the top over about 2", leaving a 1" head space between the flap and the bottom part of the envelope. Once you've figured out how it will all be folded, sew the heart stamp on in the right hand upper corner. 

Then if you'd like to add text do that next. You can embroider a name. I was low on time so I machine stitched the girls names. Or you can leave it blank or add squiggles as seen in this envelope

Once the stamp, clasp and name are on move to the bottom of the envelope. Sew on the other piece of velcro.  About 1 1/2" from the bottom. But you may want to fold it all up again, with the clasp down, to make sure the clasp lays on top of the velcro in the right way.

Then sew it all up. Fold the envelope up, leaving the flap open. With the inside of the flap facing up, sew, starting on the right hand corner of the envelope. Backstitch right away then continue sewing. When you get to where the pocket and flap meet, backstitch again, to make sure it stays secure when little hands are putting Valentine's in and out. Continue sewing and stop when you get to the heart clasp. As pictured. Stop, backstitch and pick up the foot and move it past the heart (so you don't sew through it). Replace the foot on the other side of the heart and sew a bit. Backstitch. 

It will look like this. 

 Then continue sewing until you reach the pocket again. Backstitch like before. Then continue sewing until you get to the bottom. Backstitch. It should be sewn on all three sides (not the bottom). Trim all threads and press and you're finished!!

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  1. Really cute--my girls would love these. Thanks for the instructions!

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    Yours turned out adorable!

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