About Me

 Hello! I'm Hannah. Welcome to Bonne Nouvelle, a place to share and celebrate your good news. Bonne Nouvelle (pronounced 'Bun. New-Vel'), in French, literally means good news. My husband and I lived in Paris with our oldest child for one year and loved it. Guess what our metro stop was called? You guessed it, Bonne Nouvelle, hence the name of this blog. To maintain my sanity I enjoy creating, sewing, and discovering. I love to eat good food with great company, celebrate happy times, and re-purpose items and then share it with others. I am the mother of two sons and two daughters. My husband and I live in Utah. Come along for the ride!

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Frozen Inspired Crafts

for the "Alice in Wonderland Tea Party"
for "Potty Training Party"

for "Thanksgiving Craft"

for "Potty Training Party" & "Leprechaun Hat Treats"

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