Friday, April 10, 2009


Welcome to Bonne Nouvelle!

Bonne Nouvelle literally means good news in French. But on a more personal note, it was our metro stop while we lived in the center of Paris for a year. It was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. I hope to bring some of this French experience to the shop!

I love to sew, create and discover. I love to be inspired by others work. I love fabrics, textures, colors, designs and combinations of all of the above. My two children are my inspiration and my patient student husband likes to sit back and observe.

I am always learning and progressing in this process of creativity. I hope you enjoy the ride along with me! I am usually making changes for the better. This blog is a place to follow my thoughts, activities, and newest successes and....failures.

With my background in theatre, I’ve always enjoyed a bit of drama and presenting. As I have planned parties and get-together’s I noticed I liked to add an extra touch of elegance, whether it be matching food, the aroma of burning oil, soothing music or beautiful or appropriate d├ęcor. It turned into a production! I wanted people to escape the reality of their stressful lives for just a moment and enjoy being together, just like going to a play or an opera. Or perhaps allow my children, along with others, play a part for an afternoon as a cowboy, artist or chef.

My goal is help you take the stress of planning and producing this atmosphere and collaborating with you. I’ll be your PARTY STAGER! I can help you plan and decorate your next birthday party, for you the young or young at heart; baby shower, bridal shower and so on! I want to help create the look and feel you want to have at your next celebration that you may not have the skills or time to create on your own. I want it as you like it, staging your good news, or Bonne Nouvelle! Print Friendly and PDF

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