Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Alice in Winter Wonderland Tea Party

Jocelyn wanted a tea party, peacock feathers, and we wanted to incorporate Otis, our white pet rabbit. So it made sense to have an Alice in Wonderland Party! Peacocks, gold, blue, green, purple, snowflakes and feathers! And for $52.40 for favors, food and decor and a bit of time setting up! But so worth it after seeing the girls reaction. It was fun to see their reactions as they saw the canopied table and lanterns. It felt so magical. And I have to give credit to Pinterest for so much inspiration!! I don't usually incorporate each photo that I've pinned but I usually pin because there is one or more elements that have inspired a thought, image or arrangement. You can follow this inspiration board here, or any of my others too!

The events were as follows. We had "Alice in Wonderland" (the Disney animated version) playing while we waited for all the guests to arrive. Then we painted fingernails. Had the tea party, sang the birthday song, ate the cake (well, I did, there wasn't much eating by the girls going on), opened gifts, played with gifts, and ended with decorating their favor boxes with stickers and feathers.

The happy 5 year old with pet white rabbit, Otis. Her adorable headband was made by Ellie. You can check out her fun blog here. The Alice dress was borrowed from my cousin, Micaela.


Peacock frosted cupcakes. Inspired by these cupcakes I found on Pitnerest. My friend Melanie made them and I added the "Eat Me" straw flag and pipe cleaner head.

Otis was a little scared atop the table.

Peacocks &  glitter. Perfect.

Peacock Cake made from a box and tub of frosting. Sometimes quick and easy outweighs time and stress levels.

Peacock inspired place cards. Each number corresponded with the girls age. 

Each girl was able to take their teacup home. I found all 6 sets in one shopping spree to the local D.I. (thrift store). Jocelyn was very excited for her friends to try herbal tea, her favorite morning treat. We served mixed berry and about half the girls actually drank it. I love the white lace gloves with adorned with feathers. I found them on Halloween clearance at Target.

Ribbon &  ring.

The nail & party favor station. Jocelyn loves to paint anyone's nails. It got a little chaotic though and I had to remind each girl to make sure their nails were completely dry before playing. 

White gable boxes that they decorated and then fit all of their goodies in to take home.

Snowflake Wands. Super easy to make. 

"Drink Me" bottles. I saw these POM(egranate) juice bottles and thought they were the perfect size and shape to give each girl. They are seasonal (winter) so I was happy to find them. I'll be surprised if any of the girls actually like drinking it, it's very strong because it's pure pomegranate. But the bottles can be dish washed on the top rack and my children like to drink out of them because of their fun shape. 

Flamingo Croquet pens, they went home with a bag of "hedgehogs" too (gummy bears).

Price breakdown: $52.40
Birds--gifted and Christmas clearance, Joanns &  Pier 1 Imports = $4
Glitter decor fillers--Christmas clearance, Joanns &   Michaels (some of those individual strands, including the snowflake wand tops were only 30 cents a piece, and this was 80% a week to three weeks after Christmas)--$10
Cake & Cupcake & Tea--$4, traded goods for the cupcakes :)
POM juice--seasonal, Walmart, 6 oz = $10 after coupons,  $2.28 each,
Rings--$1, clearance at Charlotte Russe, pack of 5
Tea sets-- Thrift store, set of 7 mismatched, I kept the plates for other projects and because they didn't fit in the boxes = $8
Lanterns--Zurchers &  my mom's closet = $5
Snowflake Wands--handmade, $2
Flamingo Pens--Dollar Tree = $6
Gold doileys &   playing cards = Free from personal stash & mom's closet. It was worth hanging onto those mismatched cards.
Gable Boxes--Expedx = $2.40 for set of 6, on sale
Fresh flowers--Costco, gift card
Canopy, teapot, and other accessories--Free from mom's closet
Blue tablecloth--vintage from mother, also used for my French themed party 

I hope this party can inspire your next Alice in Wonderland or Tea Party themed birthday. Please share if it has!

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  1. Oh! It turned out so beautifully! What a lucky girl!

  2. Wow, your party is stunning! The colors are spectacular, and it all looks so magical! Thank you so much for linking it up on my blog. It is funny, because my 5 year old is Jocelyn too!
    Thanks again,

  3. Oh, and I meant to tell can find the chocolate cake recipe at the bottom of this post. You click on a link. Sorry if it was hard to find :)

  4. Wow Hannah - I get tired just looking at your shopping list! Your kids are lucky they will be blessed with great memories of how much their mom loves them!

  5. The little details you put into it really make it great, so fun! I will hire you to do my kids birthday parties

  6. Winter wonderland tea party! It looked fantastic. These cuisines are really mouthwatering. Thank you very much for these pictures. I have never seen such a spectacular party. I would like to use these ideas in my daughter’s 7th birthday bash for which we are looking for party venues in NYC. Hopefully, will find one soon.