Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

I know it's been a while since I blogged. Like a long time. We were really busy with moving, graduating, unpacking, visiting family, raising a puppy, etc. I'll catch up.....eventually. I've worked on a few projects that I'll share later on. In the meantime, Happy 4th of July! I hope your state doesn't end up under fire like ours.

We ate an all American breakfast with eggs, bacon and star sprinkled pancakes. It's easy to make these fun little cakes. First, divide prepared batter into three bowls (or pyrex measuring cups for easy pouring). Dye one blue, one red and keep the other white. In the white one, pour about 1 teaspoon patriotic sprinkles. There are several ways to create stars. First, just cut them into stars. But if you're not very competent and cutting perfect shapes, use cookie cutters. You can either spray your cutters with pam, set directly (metal only) on griddle and pour batter half way. Once cooked, flip and try to push them out of the cutter. That didn't work as swell for me. So I poured them into circles (small, medium and large) and then cut them once they were cooked. Eat the scraps, they're already cut into bite sized portions. Easy and fun! My picky son who normally doesn't like pancakes loved the sprinkles and gobbled his up.

My little ones slept until 8! Good for them! Gave me enough time to nearly finish breakfast so they could eat right away. If I don't feed the 2 year old right away her stomach goes crazy and she starts wailing until she's fed. Notice the hubby is gone? He's working hard studying for the bar on his day off :( 3 more weeks and it's over!

Vendor list:
Lanterns: Ikea
Mason Jar lids: Mindy Mae's Market
Felt stars: Joanns (a few years ago)
Paper Straws: Amazon

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  1. Such a cute party :)! Your such a fun mom! &that snow cone place is right by BYU, can't remember the street... but by the pizza hut? haha &yes, I love my family! haha It was fun to have captured the moment of him coming home!