Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day!

For reasons just beyond the lack of motivation this year I wasn't into Valentine's much this year. I did not make a new fancy breakfast, I didn't decorate our mini mailboxes and put sweet notes out for the kids or hubby. I should still do the latter. I've kept it pretty simple.

But I did manage to come up with something different with the kids Valentine's this year. We were going to do the lightsaber valentine, the crayon heart or army man. But I couldn't get the photo uploaded in time. I didn't have time to melt and make crayons and I couldn't find army men that were inexpensive enough or were too large or too small. (of course, this is all the night before because that's the way I roll). So I bought what was available (beyond candy and usual cards). These only took a few extra minutes to create beyond signing names on the pre-made kind. And I like that they are a candy alternative.

So I found these little stretchy lizards and frogs in the party aisle at Target when I was looking for army men.  My son loves lizards but we couldn't think of a saying that involved lizards and Valentine's Day (other than this one). But they were stretchy! And with my 2nd grade sons concerns that he didn't want to give the wrong impression that he loved the girls in his class we decided to keep it to a friendship. Hence the saying.

I don't have a color printer otherwise these could look way cuter. So cardstock from my stash, scissors or paper cutter and a printer are all you need. $10 to give out 54 cards between my two school aged children.  ($2 for a pack of 12). And not only are they stretchy but they're sticky too! So I didn't bother with tape, ties or glue. They stick right to the paper.

"Our friendship stretches every day!"

Perhaps I should have added, "Happy Valentine's Day!" Next time.

 My daughter dug this idea so much she changed her mind about the light saber card and I went out and bought more of these little critters.  They each signed their names and chose a specific color for each classmate. Hmmmm, sounds like how their mom shops for gifts :)

Here's looking at you kid.

No need for tape. They stick right to the paper. However, they do stick to each my kids were very concerned about being able to pass them out quickly enough and not get confused about who got which color. I'll guess I'll hear about it after I pick them up from school today. 

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