Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brown paper bag popcorn

Tuesday's Tip: Microwave Popcorn in a brown paper bag

Friday night is movie night at our house, and if meals are eaten up, that means popcorn too! The kids look forward to it each week. We typically make our popcorn in a popcorn popper similar to this one using this completely unhealthy but very much like movie popcorn oil. But sometimes the kids want a quick snack, or I want a healthy salty snack to munch on instead of chips (I said sometimes...).

Try this trick next time you reach for the pre-packed microwave popcorn.  I learned this trick in college while experimenting. The first time I made it I put too many kernels in and they spilled out everywhere but it worked and I modified it. Microwave kernels directly in a lunch paper sack and add your desired amount of salt and butter. It takes 3 minutes and about 2 extra steps. Plus it's the healthiest method!

First, you need 1/3 cup of kernels.

Next, fold down the top of the bag twice. Place bag, upright, in the microwave (Yes, I retouched the splatters inside the microwave so that it looked cleaner. Can you believe it?). Heat for 2-3 minutes; using the "popcorn" button, or until the pops are about 2 seconds apart. You don't want to burn it!

Remove the hot bag. While holding it closed, shake it a bit. With your finger (or unless it burst open naturally like mine did), poke a finger sized hole at the bottom of the bag. You can now gently shake out the old maids and re-pop them later.

Season with salt and melted butter, if desired.
1/2 C kernels = about 12 cups popcorn
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