Thursday, March 1, 2012

St Patrick's Day Noodle Rainbow Craft

Did you ever search for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow when you were a kid? I admit, I never did, but I did hope there was one. I think rainbows are magical and incredibly beautiful. Maybe it's inspired by Wizard of Oz. I LOVE that film. Well, this week in my daughter's preschool class I wanted to teach the girls the order of the rainbow. Then they got to make their own with dyed noodles! I had these leftover from when the girls made bracelets (they are not edible, though look fun to enjoy).

I found the instructions on how to make your own food colored noodles on Pinterest. The secret? Use rubbing alcohol.  Once your noodles are dyed (you can use any shape or size of noodles) then outline your rainbow. I started with 7 lines for each color, to make it more accurate, but I forgot that I didn't have an "indigo" colored noodle. So trace 6 lines for a rainbow, using a small paper plate. Trace line with Elmer's glue. Let children place the colors on each line. Embellish with cotton ball clouds and a pot of gold at the end! 

I made the pot of gold using my Silhouette Cameo (great Christmas present!) and can you tell what the gold is? A Reese's candy wrapper. (I'll show the treat tomorrow associated with that). 

 The girls took much longer to create theirs......and strayed a bit from the rainbow concept.  But it was fun anyhow. I sent each girl home with their bag of beads so they could finish at their leisure.


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  1. This is really great!!! My daughter just said she wants to make this rainbow :) Would love to invite you to share this with us here...

    Thanks so much and have a great weekend,