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Friday, March 2, 2012

St Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hat Cookie

Leprechaun Hat Treats!

**Black frosting or decorating icing
**homemade cookies, dyed green
**Gold coins, chocolate
**Green (Easter bag) Reese's PB cups, mini
**Yellow dot sprinkle 
**Gold crystal sprinkles, optional

Sitting on a cotton-candy cloud, having just discovered a pile of gold, the lucky Leprechaun leaves his hat behind. Ah, that would be the life. 

First, make cookies (recipe to come later). Dye them green before baking. Shape into half dollar sized balls. They spread a lot. Roll cookies in gold glitter crystals. Bake. Once cooled,  simply glue, with the icing, the coin to the cookie. Then glue the candy to the coin. Then line the Reese's with black icing and finish off with a gold dot!

And serve in a little green pot or basket or pail thingy on top of more cotton candy clouds.

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