Saturday, January 22, 2011

C's Caterpillar Birthday Party

Happy Birthday banner in bright colors, found in my shop.

My baby turned 1 yesterday! Oh, sigh. She is a wonderful little bug. Hence the theme, the Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday party. It served more as inspiration and did not reflect literally in all the decor.

I took the colors in the book and brightened them up a bit. I also used the holes in the food the caterpillar ate as inspiration. So polka dots and pom poms came to mind.

I tried to have the food from the book as well. I interpreted that very loosely too. You can see the lollipop and cupcakes on the table. The rest of the food we had for dinner in the form of yummy homemade panini's! The fruit was represented in the trix cereal! Haha. Hey, it's winter, good plums and strawberries are hard to find!

Thanks to my dad for being the resident photographer. One less thing for me to have to worry about!

Fabric leaf garland found in my shop. The tablecloth is a shower curtain found on clearance at Target. Last minute purchase that matched perfectly!

Such cute wrap around bloomers from Rae Gun! Oh, what a fun addition! Thanks Marissa! The leggings are actually ladies socks from Target. I used this tutorial.

I wanted to make a variation on this cake bunting. I debated the many options. Making felt triangle pennants. Making paper triangle pennants. Making fabric triangle pennant bunting (like I did for this party). Making scalloped fabric bunting. Making pinwheel bunting. And on and on. There are so many options! Until I realized I wanted to match the pom-poms and go along with the polka dot theme found in the "holey" food that the caterpillar ate through. Plus it resembles a caterpillar, just a bit, don't you think?
And so it is
fabric pom-pom cake bunting!

Twine purchased from the etsy shop Cupcake Social. The frosting is this recipe. I have tried so many and they were either too buttery, shiny, greasy, etc. This was perfect for decorating. And not too sweet tasting!

Caterpillar cupcake "cake" inspiration from here.

The fabric poms. These little babies took an hour each to make. I made six in total. Let's just say there was a lot of late night Netflix watching going on this week! I interpreted this tutorial here. I deliberatly chose colors that will be used in my girls room. I will hang them in there once they share in a few weeks.

The archway of pom poms and another fabric leaf garland.

The bowl of "fruit", ie Trix. I stole this whole concept, of the Ikea $1 frames on top of a filled jar, from my friend Tiff (She has a fabulously creative blog here). I'm just aching looking at this photo though because I didn't have time to put a ribbon with a little "c" tied to it around that vase. It's so tall and bare. Ah, well. There were more important things to make like the bib and the hat!

The bib. Made with scraps of some of my very favorite fabrics. How I miss you pink circle fabric.

The hat. This is my second attempt at making a birthday hat. The first was way too small and this was a bit too tall. I'll keep trying. I am happy with the way it looked though and functioned just right.

Caterpillar onesie I made complete with a holey piece of fruit. I bought the strawberry fabric for another project and it worked perfectly for her shirt and bib! The fabric is from the etsy shop Frolic Design.

And now for some fun classic photos!

Luckily, she decided to keep it on!

I love you, little cuddle bug!
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  1. Nice work Hannah! What fun to decorate "girl" style. :)

  2. Oh my word. SO adorable. I love your fabric poms! You did such a great job! I just might have to try one of those out someday. (Need to figure out where I'm going to put the thing first)..

    And that caterpillar onesie is to die for. I can't get over how cute it is!

    Thanks for the link - and I love your whole table set up. The colors are perfect.

  3. You are just too creative! That is all too cute!!!

  4. adorable! she's so stinking cute and the whole party looks fantastic!

  5. Very cute Hannah. I wish you lived nearby so you could help me "stage" my parties.

  6. I saw a shout out for you over at Rae Gun and had to come and see. I just ADORE first birthday parties. I think they are my favorite party ever. You did such an amazing job. What a lucky mommy you are, and what a lucky daughter for having a mommy who stays up late planning her special day.

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