Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to School Party

I was looking back at old posts on my personal family blog and realized I had never posted this party! So, perhaps you'll want to plan a return to school party this week!

I threw together this little dinner party for my boys (ie, my son and husband) who were starting school. My son was starting kindergarten so it was a big year for him! My husband was starting his second year in Law school.

We ate homemade pizza, garden salad and bruschetta.

It was inspired by this and this. I love that NieNie had a theme for the school year. I haven't thought of one yet but I think I should. I like this dinner idea and hope to make it a tradition.

The theme was loosely based on Curious George.

Announcement inspired by this.

Fabric cake bunting inspiration from here. I love how it flutters in the breeze.

I think Samuel is a bit nervous because he hardly ate pizza, one of his favorites and didn't even want any cake!

Good company, good food, gorgeous weather.

Bonne Chance this academic year my little family!
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