Wednesday, January 5, 2011

J's baking birthday party

I decided to throw my daughter a baking themed birthday party clear back when I saw kid sized rolling pins in the $1 aisle at Joann's early last summer. And then I had to wait until December when she turned 4.

Always dreaming, but never implementing, the desire to add children's aprons to my etsy shop, allowed me to make them for this party. Some inspiration started with my cousin here. And then Brittany, my favorite and most inspirational party planner, from One Charming Party, threw this party! The timing couldn't have been better! (Seriously, this woman is talented. She was then featured on Amy Atlas and then the ultimate, Martha Stewart!)

So the details started to come together.

The theme: Red, White, Pink baking and confectionery delights.

Perfect for the Christmas season (or Valentine's).

Upon arriving, each girl was given an apron and handmade paper chef's hat.

The aprons were a simple cotton gathered half apron tied together with a 1 3/4" grosgrain ribbon. Satin would have been too slick and wrinkles quicker over multiple uses. I used my wood burner to trim the edges in a "v" to prevent them from fraying.

The chef's hats were made with 1 piece of white tissue paper and a trim of poster board. I pre-cut each piece and labeled each with their name in stickers found in the holiday $1 aisle at Target. I measured each girls head then stapled the poster board trim together. Then stuffed the tissue paper inside and taped and fluffed. It was easier, to note, to tape the tissue paper in before stapling.

The party activities consisted of playing with my daughter's new kitchen set, tea-set and decorating cupcakes. That was about it. They didn't need more to fill their 2 hours together.

The decorations. I let the food speak for itself. The cupcake assembly table was just a white table cloth topped with red and white striped wrapping paper placed on top (pictured above). The pennant banner I made with fabric I already had. The red and white striped bias tape was the inspiration! It's vintage! Love it!

The food was the most time consuming for me as I had to limit the amount of candy and sweets I wanted to make and buy! There were so many choices! I also had to limit the treat to cupcakes since they were already taking home so many others.

Cupcakes with handmade felt pinwheel toppers. Also sold in my shop. Recipe for cupcake found here.

Milk was served with red and white swirl straws from Hobby Lobby. I used little Avery sticker labels with their names so there wasn't any germ spreading going on.

Twirl lollipops found in the $1 aisle at Target & mini rolling pins found at Joann's. Tied with several ribbons.

Frosted animal cookies are every kids favorite!

Marshmallow pops were giant! I found them at Walmart.

Party favors were the mother's worst nightmare. Candy, cupcakes and more candy! Plus the rolling pin, apron, hat and straw. Tied all the goodies together in a large plastic cup filled with marshmallows and candies to weigh it down and finished off with some left over bias tape.

I had as much planning and hosting as the girls had attending! Print Friendly and PDF