Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Girl's bedroom

This week is the big move. We are moving older sister out of brother's room and moving her into younger sister's bedroom. They've been anxiously awaiting this change. I've been anticipating decorating their new rooms once they're all arranged. But I am in angst.

I have a very clear vision of brother's room. Think "little explorer." It's a combination of both of our interests in traveling, fish, water and adventuring.

For the girls room I wanted it to be a bit more eclectic. Charming, whimsical, vintage combined with new, birds and girly with pink and blue florals.

However, as I went "shopping" in my mom's craft room and found yards and yards of this peach floral fabric that was almost used in my teenage bedroom. But my mom was never able to use it because I had changed my mind and wanted something more "modern." But this fabric could have so many uses! And it's free!

But here is my dilemma. I don't LOVE this peachy fabric. But I don't LOVE this duvet cover I bought for J at Ikea last fall when we thought J and S would share a room for a few more years. And finally, I have remnants of these other fabrics as well. So I know with eclectic bedrooms you can mix and match patterns and colors. But what about tones? And completely different shades of colors that are not in the same family?

Here are two rooms that I am drawing inspiration from:

Lori Danelle's girls' bedroom:

I love the first one because of the use of golds, oranges, pinks, vintage and new, handmade and not. It's all in there yet if flows nicely.

I love the second because of the teal dresser, the mismatched bunting, and the variety of bright colors!

So this is what I have:
The Ikea bedspread:

Peach, practically vintage, yardage:

The colors that I really like and already own:

Everything together:

So, I'm not so sure if the above colors go well enough together. I wouldn't mind making a duvet cover with the peach fabric. Or curtains. But I don't think I can combine the above colors with the raspberry pink Ikea duvet. So, what do you think? Do you think the peach is too "faded" or pastel to match with the more bold and bright colors that I already have? And how much would the craziness be if I did throw in the Ikea duvet? I think I can get away with it but I'm scared it'll look like a big blob of ugliness too!

Decisions, decisions....this is why I can't get anything done. My mind is constantly dreaming and deciding and envisioning.....is it like that for you too? Print Friendly and PDF

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  1. Hmmmm. I see your dilemma. To be completely honest, I'm not super crazy about the peach (same as you)- don't love it, but don't necessarily hate it. For me, it doesn't look quite vintage, but isn't modern either. It's kind of impressionistic, with a blue/emerald tint to the green. Not my fav. But free is free, so I get your situation, definitely. Hmmmm. How many yards do you have? I think your idea of mixing the tones/hues, etc can work, so no problem that the reds and blues are bold and the floral is more muted. I'm just not crazy about the peach in general, so it's hard to picture it as an entire duvet cover. What about using the pink Ikea duvet cover and just use the peach yardage for a throw pillow? If you have a ton of yardage of the peach, maybe you could sell it? Either CL, Etsy, or even to a local fabric shop (there are ones in Denver that buy cotton fabric by the pound).