Monday, March 28, 2011

French Vintage Birthday Party

A few months back I decided to throw myself a birthday party. Why, do you ask, would I throw one for myself? It wasn't even a momentous year. 31. But after viewing so many cool parties online I realized I wanted to throw one. So I decided I could celebrate completing my 30th year happily. And if I threw it for myself I could be selfish and decorate and serve food just the way I liked it :)

I wanted to have a French theme because my husband and our one son at the time lived in Paris for a year back in 2005. Then I thought it would fit my personality better if it had a vintage twist! So French vintage it became in pink and aqua. I am so happy with how it turned out! Not to mention the fabulously fun time I had with friends and family.

Leading up to the door.

The goody bag station greeted them upon entering.

I wanted them to be able to cut off a piece of ribbon to tie up their glassine bag of goodies.

The Menu. I wanted just a dessert bar with some of my favorite French desserts. Including a dark chocolate tart, fresh strawberry tart, eclair's, madeleine's, 2 chocolate cakes including the beautiful ruffle cake, strawberry wafers, and lemon strawberry cupcakes.

Plus the lemonade stand. Paper straws are so fun to use!

The seating area was lined with doily garlands and tissue pom-poms. It cost $2. I purchased 2 packs of doily's from the $1 store, taped them in half to a string and hung! The pom-poms were the same ones used here.

By the end of the night I was pretty tired so you can see my makeup is wearing off a bit. But it was wonderful night. Of course my favorite part was visiting and laughing with family and friends from many stages of my life!

A few little things. I think this party came under a budget of $75, not including baked goods. I try using as many things that I already own, borrow a few things from friends and family, and then purchase what I have to, but knowing I'll use it again and again.

I used my daughter's changing table turned dresser because the colors matched perfectly. Or perhaps I painted it to match the party. I can't really remember. But now her room will have pink and blue!

The chalkboard frame is a vintage frame spray painted white with a piece of chalkboard contact paper used to replace the glass.

For the table linens I used my mother's vintage aqua table cloth. The white pink detailed tablecloth is my grandmother's sheet. The ribbon wall was created by just taping each ribbon to a tension rod and resting it on two nails in front of a white tablecloth.

There were so many blogs that I follow that allowed for inspiration to create this party. Too many to share that I have bookmarked but so much great talent out there. Thanks for sharing!

And of course I could not have done this without the help from my family and friends. With setting up, making buttercream, photos, etc. And to my dear husband for taking our 3 children to Carl's JR for 2 hours to eat and play. I could not have done it without these people's help!

Food, homemade by me with the exception of the Madeleine's made by my aunt and the store-bought eclairs.
Food tags made with my neighbors Cricut and vintage lace.
Food label harp clips, Food Service Warehouse.
Eiffel Tower and Feather, Michaels.
Paper Straws, Hey Yo Yo.
Glassine wax treat bags, In the Clear.
Flowers, Costco and Best Buds.
Apothecary jars, DownEast Home.
My jewelry, Kohls.
Metal scoops, Bosch kitchen center.
Cake peony (and in my hair), tutorial.
Tissue pom-poms, Martha Stewart from Michaels. Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Wow Hannah, very pretty-the party and you! Now I am super sad I couldn't come out (although I am glad you didn't plan it around me since I didn't come for either date)

    Excited for the carnival party. Except forget Warren, you need to come out and do my party next year-well maybe the year after for the big 30, but that seems too long to wait.

  2. I think I especially like the little label tags for everything- pretty and coordinated.

  3. IT.WAS.AMAZING. Truly. I was in heaven with your beautiful decor and the whole mood. You are one fabulously talented woman, Hannah!!! Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

  4. It looks like you had tons of fun putting this party together and it turned out beautifully. Go you!

  5. Beautiful! Too bad I don't live in could plan my next (or first) party.

  6. Perfect! I so wish I lived closer. It all looks so delish!!! Happy Birthday!

  7. What a cool party! I think we should hire you to be party planner! Everything was not only beautiful, but delicious and charming and fun! Cheers to you!