Friday, February 18, 2011

Dinosaur Dig

J wanted to do something special today. Was I surprised?

I am still recovering from our huge Church activity that I was in charge of last night. It turned out so beautifully and I'll share more on that once I get the photos from my friends awesome camera (because, of course, I forgot mine).

So this is what I wore today until about....well, now. C is down for nap #2 so I'll finally be able to get ready for the day.

So I thought of something spur of the moment and inspired by one of my favorite blogs One Charming Party. Sometimes those spur of the moment ideas are the best, aren't they?

You just need a few materials and you can make your own child sized table-top dinosaur dig!

I grabbed a tray and filled it with some candy (fossils), cut up snickers look like really dino parts and mentos make great looking eggs:

Sugar and a brush (basting or painting). I used about 2 cups per cake pan sized tray:

Binoculars and Aprons:

A map:

And pried my son off Angry Birds and we were on an adventure!

It helps to speak in a cool explorer accent like Spanish (think Columbus) or Australian (think Crocodile Dundee....side note-when I was staying up late creating pom-poms for C's Caterpillar birthday party I watched both films back to back! It was so nostalgic!). Since I am not so hot at the Spanish thing I tried the Australian. S asked me to stop it because he thought it was "weird" but liked it after about 3 lines. Plus it's always fun for me to practice dialects that have been collecting dust in the back of my brain from my acting days.

So we went on our adventure looking for fossils around the house. We checked high and low until J spotted them (okay, she knew where I set it up) with her binoc's. After the initial shock, of, "cool, what is this?", they got to work!

This activity lasted at least 20 minutes after I left them. It makes a bit of a mess (and a tasty one) but it's totally worth it!

J cleaned all the dino's, reptiles and other creatures that belong in that basket. I like how she arranged them all over the sink to dry.

How would you arrange your dinosaur dig?
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