Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Eggs and Ham and Lucky Charms

This is only the second year I've attempted to make green eggs and ham for St. Patrick's Day morning breakfast. And today I played short order cook for my family, but it was fun! I know my 6 year old son only likes eggs in the boiled form, so he got to eat a bowl of Lucky Charms. Sadly, the book did not have enough clout to influence his palate. But his lucky charms were extra special today because they were in green milk with green sugar sprinkles.

My husband thought this recipe was horribly salty. And I had to agree. It had a nice creamy texture and it didn't feel like we were eating raw eggs (because if you don't add the butter at the right temp, it can be). But next time, if I try this very quick and easy version again, I'll omit most of the salt.

I added a little extra butter to my husband's eggs, because, well, he can afford the extra calories unless like some of us in the house :)

What you see: Whole Wheat English Muffin (because I like to try to be healthy), fried egg, 1 slice Canadian bacon, Eggs Benedict dyed green.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Tomorrow I'll post the last of this holiday series with rainbow cupcakes!

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