Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rainbow pots

For family night on Monday night, we taught the children about the biblical symbol of a rainbow. Then they got to paint their own rainbow pots!

Remember these pots from this post? I found this fun idea from Ohdeedoh who featured Marie from Makes and Takes on Craftzine.

If they went to bed nicely, which they did....well enough, they'd get to search for the pot in the morning. I told them a leprechaun was going to bring golden treats if they were good and he hid them. So after breakfast I got my Irish accent on and led them on a treasure hunt around the house until they found their pot!

I filled the pots with the almond/toffee Hershey's nuggets, but let's be honest, those are for me. They just looked more like gold bars. The kids get the regular miniature candies (pictured in pot #2). In the next few weeks we'll plant some herbs and they'll get to watch them grow!

Newspaper, scratch paper
Cup of water
Paintbrush or Foam brush
Terra-cotta pots: Joann's, under $1.50 for each set
Paint: Acrylic paints from my supply
Candy: Rite-Aid, $2 Print Friendly and PDF

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