Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Carnival Party

Party #4 in 4 months. I am beat! I think I'll take the month of May off. Maybe.

I'm so happy that this last party turned out so well. I threw this party for one of my nephews and one of my nieces. We had about 20 guests. The kids and adults had a great time, it was simple and fun! And an accomplishment for me was that I was finished decorating right on time, with enough time to snap some photos before the guests arrived. I was able to enjoy being at the party :) Success!

Remember this inspiration board I posted way back in February? Well a few pounds later and a lot of preparing the circus finally came to my parents studio in Mt Pleasant!

Venue: My father's photography/camera case studio. Free!

I like to work on a budget because I enjoy the challenge and to be honest, I have to. I made everything (or enlisted others) to make as much as possible, including the food tags. I tried using things that we already had laying around and looked for the best deals on candy during this holiday season and found toys coming into the summer season. Always thinking ahead.

The Goodies!

Cake & Cupcakes!

The Menu!
This is where the help came in! While I was putting the finishing touches on the goody table my sisters made homemade corn dogs, nachos, fresh popcorn, and frosted the cake and cupcakes! We also munched on peanuts which doubled as a table centerpiece, Izze drinks for the adults and soda pop with paper straws and handmade straw flags.

Just leave a bucket of crayons on a paper covered table and in a quiet moment they'll find inspiration :)

In addition to a cardboard box maze, the kids played bowling, ring toss and bean bag toss.
Bean bag toss by re purposing an inexpensive Ikea storage unit hung from a ladder. I give credit to my brother ("alex in the box") for coming up with the hanging solution.

They had to stand really close but got quite a few in!

$1 store plastic cones and unused bamboo purse handles make for an almost perfect game!


To save ourselves about $7 we opted out of using these darling gable boxes and gathered our used store and gift bags and re-purposed them. Do you recognize some of them? haha, just cover up that VS logo and you have a gift bag!

Redeeming their loot!

Photo Booth!
I was so grateful that one of the party guests asked if she could help out. I enlisted her in making the mustaches, freehand! I am not an illustrator so I thought she did a wonderful job!
Thank you Brooke!

Human jack in the box, "Alex in the box". The kids were both excited and terrified. I deliberately left clowns out of this party due to my own fears.

Two of my cuties.

Cupcake liners, Cupcake Social
Straws, plastic, Hobby Lobby; paper Hey YoYo
Harp clips, Food Service Warehouse
Tickets & prizes, Zurchers
Tissue pom-poms, Martha Stewart from Michaels
Canopy tent, cups & hanging storage, Ikea
Apothecary jars, Down East Home
Wax glassine goody bags, In the Clear
Blue and green plastic tubs, gumballs, pixie stix, Dollar Tree
Plastic animals, Hobby Lobby
Cupcake stand, animal crackers and polka-dot backdrop, ie shower curtain, Target

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  1. Just fabulous, Hannah! You're very talented.

  2. I love Izze drinks! I discovered them in a four-pack of cans at my local Smith's. Next time, I'll have to see if I can find the bottles! :)

  3. Wow Hannah! You are amazing! Looks like so much work but so fun!

  4. Looks like it was a blast! What a lucky niece and nephew!

  5. So fun!! I just love your cake and the photo booth!!

  6. oh my what a party! I bet all the kiddos were in heaven with all the candy!

  7. Love, love all of your fun celebration ideas. So creative!! I'll be bookmarking this awesome post!!