Friday, April 1, 2011

Rice Krispie Easter nests

Now that Spring has been marked on the calendar for over a week, it finally feels like it outside, even if we did just have a snowstorm last week. I can hear the chirps of happy bird songs outside and it puts a smile on my face. A fresh start!

Here is a simple and fun idea to celebrate with your children. Rice Krispie Easter egg nests.

All you need is:

**one batch of rice krispie treats. Roll a small handful sized amount into a ball. Then smoosh down the center as your shape the sides, like a nest.

Fill with--
**green dyed coconut flakes (I put a few drops of food coloring in some corn syrup to make it stick a little better to each other)

Then fill with--
**Candy eggs like jelly beans or m&m's

And top with--
**Peeps birds

And place in--
**cupcake liners, optional

And lay on top of--
**Pretzel sticks, to lay underneath like sticks (not pictured because my husband ate them all! In his defense, he didn't know there was a planned photo shoot. geeze.)

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