Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Fun Ideas 2011

Click on image to see the full list. You can download your own free blank chart from The Crafting Chicks.

I am hoping to make this summer the best one yet in our family! I want to avoid boredom, fighting, watching too much TV and playing too many computer games. My kids ask every single day, "What are we doing special today?" It gets old, real fast.

For the last two summers a friend of mine has used this idea from Chocolate on the Cranium by making a fabric event calender. This year I am finally ready to make my own version (to be shown later...). But today I am showing you our family "Summer Fun 2011" list of 50 plus things to do.

Here are the three main websites I used to get inspiration:

1. The Crafting Chicks: Summer Fun list in jpeg form seen above. I just edited it in Picasa by adding my own text to their blank (free) copy. They also have "60 Summer Fun ideas" here.

2. Chocolate on my Cranium: See her appliqued ice cream cone "cool summer days" calender. Additionally, she has a long list of fabulous activities along with links.

3. The Long Thread: 50 plus summer craft ideas, also divided into year round activities. Fabulous links and photos.

I have to be honest, it's an ambitious list but I really want it to work. And I'm pretty sure my kids will hold me to it :) I'll keep you posted throughout the summer with photos and success (or failures) stories! Stay tuned for the summer chart!

Here are our 50 ideas divided along with some links:

Weekly we'll try going to the library, to a park with friends, and the local water park (we bought a pass).

**Trip to Colorado
**Visit cousins in Richfield
**Lake Powell
**Family Reunion
**Grandma visits

In the Kitchen:

**Dirt Cake
**Mini Jello watermelons
**UnBirthday party prep
**Aroma dough
**Homemade popsicles

**Eric Carle inspired art work here and here.
**Sew church bags
**Paint: Patriotic T-shirts
**Star Fruit stamped bunting, tricky part is finding the star fruit. Maybe a sponge or potato will do.
**Pudding Paint
**Chalk Fun
**Sew summer PJ's
**Paint rocks
**Sea shell creatures
**Water paint sidewalks

Field Trips:
**Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum ($2 Tuesday)
**Thanksgiving Point Gardens ($2 Tuesday)
**Thanksgiving Point Petting Zoo ($2 Tuesday)
**BYU Art Museum
**Bowling, FREE for kids in the summer
**Bean Museum
**Cars 2 movie

**Picnic at the Temple
**Hike the Y
**Hike Rock Canyon
**Walk to the Creamery
**Camp in the backyard
**Movie on the lawn
**Ice melting games
**Nature Walks
**Irrigation ditch boat races
**Upcycyled toys here, here and here.
**Fishing at reservoir
**Plant seeds
**Snow cones in the park


**Volcanoes (mentos and diet coke)
**Ice Melting Games

Themed Weeks:

**Cultural Week: learn about a different culture each day. Invite our International friends over for a lesson/food exchange.
**Pioneer Week: July 18-24. Learn Pioneer stories, go on a hike, make pioneer games, attend parade, etc
**Service Week: visit an elderly neighbor
**Water Week: water fight with neighbors, neighborhood water party, homemade popsicles

I know there are so many great ideas out there! Each family has customized activities for the age, size and shape of your own family. What does your family do? Do share! Print Friendly and PDF

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  1. I love this idea of putting the list on pretty paper. I plan to do a lot this summer with my two kids, too. You should check out Chocolate Cake Moments ( for even more ideas for summer fun!

    Enjoy your summer as a family :)