Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lego Birthday Party: Food

I chose to serve sweet treats instead of savory. I've noticed at kids parties all they want to do is play and have fun. They usually waste their snacks, including the cake. So instead of serving pizza and snack foods, to save money and not waste so much food (though there are so many cute ideas for Lego inspired food snacks) we served sweets and started the party at 2pm and ended at 3:30. After lunch but still soon enough so it wouldn't spoil their dinners. Needless to say, they were on quite the sugar high....or maybe it's just friends getting together to celebrate, the natural high.

The cake.  Samuel wanted a tall Lego shaped cake. He wanted it to be the color of sand, like a desert. One of his gifts was this Prince of Persia beetle and dude, which matched the theme perfectly. The knobs are made of marshmallows (candy coated because I ran out of frosting). The inside is made of this doctored up chocolate cake from a box (without the coffee or toffee). And as usual, I used Wilton's buttercream frosting. If I would have realized it would be this ugly brownish color, I would have made peanut butter frosting! Mmmmmm, chocolate and peanut butter.
I saw this cake stand idea on Pinterest so I mimicked it. But my cake stand was showing underneath so I added a little more bunting.

I made the little cookies 'n cream Lego blocks that line the cake by simply by melting white chocolate chips, adding crushed oreo's, and then pouring them (using a ziplock bag, cut at the tip) into the Lego mold with miniature chocolate chips placed in the "knobs" of the mold.

My kids and I made angry bird cupcakes, though out of theme, my son loved playing the game on my phone....until recently he no longer plays it. But they were so cute I wanted to give them a try. The idea came from The Crafting Chicks.  Plus I needed something to use for the little "knobs" of the Lego blocks shown here.

Samuel's only food request, other than the cake, was "green drink", ie Sprite. I saw these kid sized bottles and thought they were perfect. More than I would normally spend on drinks but they came in a pack of 8, perfect amount. Plus they had these little dimples that looked Lego-ish to me.

I simply covered the existing labels with Lego name labels. You can find the font for free here. I simply printed them off on white paper, colored the outside with yellow, cut around, and glued to a red piece of cut card stock. I adhered them with two scrapbook sticky squares, and then sealed it in back with a piece of scotch tape. Then I simply taped the blue and white paper straws (found for super cheap on Amazon).

I provided them with cups as well, for extra beverage and so I could make these fun koolaid ice cubes and they could see their Sprite change color as it melted. I found the silicone molds in a set of lego blocks and mini-figs (used to make crayons) on Ebay for $19 shipped. The biggest splurge for this party.

How can you have a party without marshmallow or cake pops? I always opt for marshmallow because they are cheaper and easier. After I dipped the large marshmallow's (see tutorial here) I added a mini marshmallow to the top. My son informed me that it looked more like a hat. So later I cut them down and just smeared some more on top. And added faces with an icing tube with a small writing tip, not the edible ink kind because I couldn't find one and this was more useful for other projects. They are stored in a painted egg carton stand.

Wait until the large marshmallows are dry to put the tops on. After I dipped the mini marshmallow, holding it with a toothpick, I used another toothpick to slide it on to the top like you see here.

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