Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lego Birthday Party: Part 1

My oldest child turned 7 last week! I have a seven year old son! I still can't believe it. For his birthday theme, I didn't really give him a choice. Mean, perhaps, but smart. In January a friend of mine reported (on Facebook, no less) that she scored some Lego men stocking stuffer kits for 30 cents a piece!!! I asked her if her store had any more (she lives in a different state) after I had already scoured mine. She had actually purchased 12 and realized she didn't need that many and sold 11 to me. It was decided then that his theme would be Lego. And I didn't care what type of Lego he wars, harry potter, pirate, etc. Whatever he liked. I've been planning it since March! Thanks heavens for Pinterest as I've found so much inspiration from it, you can view my Lego Party inspiration board. This party from delia creates, in particular was most helpful.

Seven boys were invited, one per year of age, and although I am sad that some my son's friends couldn't come, I am glad that it was a more intimate group of 4 friends. I was prepared, mentally, for a crazy bunch! But physically I wish I was a little more prepared.

For example, this table was used for eating, playing games and building. I should have set up a second table to eat on, so that the Lego's candies and sprite did not all mix together ;)

The Dessert Table
The boys

The birthday boy with his specifically designed cake.

His favorite that I bought in January half price. I secretly encouraged him to keep liking the "Power Miner" Lego theme (I don't think it's even sold anymore) so he wouldn't lose interest in this gift. My ulterior motives at work, haha.

I had so much fun planning this party! All on a $50 budget. I like to be as frugal as possible without compromising on style whenever possible.
Keep checking back this week. I will share more posts with all the little details for this party!

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