Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lavender Scented Vacuum

Tuesday's Tip...on Wednesday :) 
Lavender Scented  Carpet & Vacuum

The next time you vacuum sprinkle a little dried lavender on your carpet. It will brighten the room up immediately. Not only does this freshen up the room and make it smell nice and clean it also freshens up your vacuum. So each time I vacuum after I've sprinkled the lavender the scent is still present in the vacuum instead of that nasty dusty (time to be cleaned) smell. I simply take a handful, crush the herb a bit and toss on the carpet like fairy dust. It's fun for your kids too because they are magicked into thinking they are playing when they're really cleaning! Then just vacuum it all up!

I buy my lavender in bulk from the Monterey Bay Spice Company but I am sure you can find it at an herbal store, vitamin cottage and some health food stores.

I just found this solution also. Add it to baking soda, with added preferred essential oil (optional) and let it sit overnight before vacuuming. This will deodorize as well. Print Friendly and PDF

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