Friday, February 10, 2012

Super Bowl Party 2012

This year's Super Bowl Party was great....I didn't watch any of it! I ate, talked with some great friends, monitored our playing children and got to host a little party. My husband is part of a fantasy football team with his law school buddies so we invited them all over. Then he performed the unveiling of their official trophy. He had it custom made. Each year that their fantasy football wins, they get their own name and team name put on a little plaque and attached to the side of the trophy. Then, as we are all moving onto our separate ways after graduation this spring, the winner this year will be responsible for mailing it to the next winner next year and so on for many years to come.

Chalkboard play chart thingy. I am not sure what the official name is. I just googled it and copied their layout. It's a chalkboard written on with a chalk marker. 

It was a potluck dinner party. You can see my Super Bowl Pinterest board for my inspiration and more ideas. Tyler and I made Bobby Flay's pulled pork and coleslaw. We still have leftovers!

I had seen this "doughnut on a thread spool stand" at Celebrations at Home and thought it was so clever. I thought they would work well for this sports themed party.  So I did a play on that. I used two small thread holders and used them as stadium stands. The doughnuts are the fans, if you couldn't tell. White jerseys on one side and blue on the other. The little Hostess powdered sugar doughnuts fit perfectly over the hooks. I worried the doughnuts would gunk it up (because I use mine for thread) but it didn't. I just brushed off any crumbs and rinsed off any icing.

For the tablecloth I made a 50 cent football field. I saw this online too for the idea. But instead of using paper numbers I used a chalk marker (white out would work great too). I bought a 50 cent plastic disposable tablecloth at the grocery store, glued on white crepe paper (with a glue stick) and labeled the lines! Easy and just toss away when the party is over.

I labeled each cup ahead of time. I know it's kind of tacky, but it's football! Plus, with the amount of children (10) and adults getting drinks, I didn't want a bunch of cups floating around the living room. It's just easier. 

Happy Footballing!
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  1. Wow! Your covered all the details!!!

  2. Thanks Hannah. It was great to meet you too! Thanks for the sweet comments. It was fun to talk about design with others. I hope you will contact me again when you're ready for a blog update. It's fun to do. I'd love to see a link to the Apartment Therapy party you did. Also, I was noticing that masking tape could work too for the tablecloth idea. Love this fun idea!