Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesdays Tip

Is your kitchen like mine? Full of gadgets or containers, most that only collect dust due to under-use? If so, then you'll agree that although sometimes a cake holder or plastic cupcake holder would be handy to have when transporting cake or cupcakes to another location. But is the space it takes up more valuable?

Or does your family eat as much cold cereal as mine? We go through 1-2 small boxes a week and I hate to throw them out.

Well, why not save some? I have a few purposes that I use them for and here is one. A cupcake holder with lid. A recycled transporter that can be dropped off and no need to be returned. I've volunteered to make cupcakes for families that have funerals at my Church lately. I don't want to drop them off on one of my plates or cookie sheets that'll just need to be returned so I put them in a cereal box and let them take care of the trash. No worries.

Remove the bag. Simply tape the end closed, where you normally open to pour the cereal. Then cut one of the sides on 3 sides, to create a flap. Fill with 24 mini-cupcakes or 12 regular. I usually frost them once they're in the box, just to make it easier and less messy getting them in. Then, if you need, just add a little piece of tap to close it and deliver!

What have you used to transport cupcakes in a less messy or inexpensive way? I've seen the use of a disposable clothing box from department stores. You can cut an "x" to create a little tight slot or hole on top of the box to place the cupcake in.  But it won't have a lid. The same concept can be used with a cereal box.

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