Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

I can't believe Halloween is over already! Where has the time gone? Oh yeah, to Pinterest.

Our Halloween was more like musical costumes. The theme was to be Wizard of Oz. But then there was moaning and groaning. Jocelyn didn't want to be Dorothy and Samuel didn't want to be the tin man. Cecily had no say in the matter :) She was the lion, which is what the other two had already been at her age, and so it was Wizard of Oz! That was the main inspiration but decided to go with a modern twist. So Samuel was changed from tin-man to robot.  And Jocelyn would wear a tutu and an apron. And then....I was a little tired thinking about creating the robot costume, and the logistics of him wearing it at school. With all of his whining he suggested a mummy. That's easy! Tear up some muslin that I already had on hand and sew onto some old clothes! So the theme changed from Wizard of Oz to movie themed characters. It worked for me. A lot less stress and they were happy wearing them which is what matters in the end.

So here are the characters!

The not so-Cowardly Lion


The Mummy


And for breakfast we had orange cat pancakes with sprinkles and for dinner, mummy dogs.

 And of course, we had a little party.

 Happy Halloween! Be sure to check out the costume tutorials coming up next!

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