Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Ideas

Here are some last minute yet simple ideas for your Thanksgiving festivities.

Make a Mayflower boat place setting by sticking a toothpick pennant flag into a sliced apple. Soak sliced apples in lemon water right before placing to prevent browning.

 Turkey Cookies. Use any combination of cookies and candies. In this case I used striped fudge cookies for the base and back of tail. A leftover Halloween Oreo for the tail feathers. They are easy to push in candy corn feathers. Attach a malt ball head with nutella (or frosting) to the Oreo. Add a candy corn beak. The belly is a mini nutter butter and candy corn claws. Simple enough for children to assemble and keep busy while they wait for the main feast to begin. And always a fun treat to eat afterwards!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for my family, this blog, for food and many other lovely things in life this day. Gratitude :) Print Friendly and PDF

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