Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Twilight Woods Lotion Giveaway Winner!

Welcome from Kammy's Korner readers and thank you to those who participated in the giveaway! Unfortunately, I chose only one of you.

Congratulations go to 

You are the WINNER of the Twilight Woods Lotion set! Now you can be even more ready to attend the premiere :) I used the services of random.org and plugged in 30 entries. #4 was the winner!

And while I'm talking about Alycia, I wanted to put a little plug in for her blog. I've actually met Alycia. Our husbands go the same Law School. We go to a dinner group once a month together. She's a great gal and super funny. You should check out her fun blog too! Congratulations Alycia!

Oh, and my play kitchen was featured on Kammy's Korner Trash 2 Treasure today. Sweet! Thanks Kammy for the feature!

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