Monday, January 9, 2012

Tea Party coming up

My middle child turned 5 over the Christmas holidays. I can't believe our little princess is already 5....going on 15. She's a drama girl but so bright with the memory of....I don't know. What kind of animal has a good memory? A dog? No, that doesn't work. Anyway, she remembers things from years ago that I'd forgotten about. She is beautiful, a great help to me and a great sister. I love my little J.

For her birthday we thought it fit we involve the pet bunny,Otis, you may remember him from this. So I declared it was to be an Alice in Wonderland themed party. Plus Jocelyn loves tea parties, so the unbirthday party setting was perfect. She also loves peacock feathers from my parents house and it's wintery so it evolved into a "Alice in Winter Wonderland Tea Party." I will be feverishly working on this and her birthday gift all this week for the party on Friday. But here is a sneak peak. I used these invitations from my cousin Sarah Jane's shop. Complete with white bunny and all! It is a summer tea party in the invite but it works nonetheless. They having tea. They are little girls. There is a white rabbit and bunting!

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