Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

In November my church's women's organization (the Relief Society) got together for a cookie social exchange. To be honest, for some reason, this was not my favorite event I've worked on. It went alright. Not the greatest turn out. BUT we did have a lot of yummy cookies to take home. I wanted a winter wonderland feel, using red and white. I saved my inspiration to this Pinterest board that I created, "Cookies  & Milk Party." So I bought (from Dollar Tree) and brought round bulbs from home, a curtain rod and white curtains from our toy room and create a little window with red and white striped wrapping paper (from Joann's). Then we gathered cakestands from several women to display the goodies. Labeled each one so we knew who baked what.  Like, I said, it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped BUT it was fun, nonetheless. After we enjoyed each others company, a true social, and sampled each other cookies, with a glass of milk drunk from a red/white striped paper straw we gathered cookies to give away. We sent each gal home with a white gable box, affixed with a handmade tag and twine, full of cookies to give away to a neighbor or friend

Vase filled with white beans and cranberries. 

Dollar tree glitter ornaments and glitter snowflakes from Michaels. 

Each table had a unique centerpiece. 

The cookie spread. I provided the peppermint version of my double chocolate chip cookies.

The gable box gift. Handmade tag (made by one of our committee members) tied on with string!

Christmas lights and bulbs. Don't you love it when you don't check to see that all the strands of lights work BEFORE you set them up? Yeah, me too.

A questionnaire we had each take for the next years activities. 

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  2. I am planning in my ward a cookie exchange and i like the you a copy just to get an idea? Thank you

    1. I can send you a word document that I created. Email me at

  3. I am planning in my ward a cookie exchange and i like the you a copy just to get an idea? Thank you